The Home Gleaners(2012)

Type: Short Movie | Drama
Director: Zhang siqing
Best short film in 49th HK Golden Horse Award and Best Original Short Film in 2013 Beijing College Student Film Festival


The Home Gleaners is my final project in BFA. which has won both the Best Short Film in the 49th Golden Horse Award in Hong Kong and Best Original Short Film in 2013 Beijing College Student Film Festival. The director Mr. Siqing Zhang and I have been close friends for long; his sophisticated directing style had greatly inspired me. The post-production procedure was naturally the part where I was heavily involved. In fact, I had edited and produced my own alternative film version for his reference. Afterwards, we went through several sessions to discuss the optimal way for visual and audio story-telling and utilized my expertise to propose some alterations in sound for better effect. To our greatest joy, the final version of the film, after adopting my suggestions, was chosen for the awards mentioned at the beginning.

The Home Gleaners(2012)

While shooting The Home Gleaners, our school given a budget of гд100,000 to us, a scarce amount even for short films. During pre-production, Zhang, the director, rode a bicycle through the alleyways in Beijing to visit numerous schools for students of migrant works to cast the right role. The fact that most such schools are untraceable on the official map had significantly enhanced the difficulty. More often than not, he had to resort to sites where migrant works convene before asking for information as to the whereabouts of the schools. This grueling process resulted in the collection of such a colossal amount of information that, by the time Zhang finished his casting, he was in possession of a self-compiled, detailed, and comprehensive record of all schools for students of migrant workers, which proved to be quite handy for another of my friend who intended to shoot films of similar theme. His devotion also inspired the entire crew to treat our responsibilities with meticulous attention.


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