Take Responsibility(2012)

Take ResponsibilityJS_pic1 is a trailer committed by Jinjiang Junior Chamber of Commerce in Province Fujian. It tells the striving biography of an heir in an influential family business, establishing his own business overseas. With the facts that his CEO father is getting old as well as the negative impact of China's manufactory industry, the family business is losing its vigor. At the crucial moment, the young entrepreneur takes over the family business with advanced technology and management skills, restoring the prestige of the company.
In this short video, I worked both as picture editing and sound editing. The director is my partner Siqing Zhang. I was involved since the creating of the screenplay. We had a clear goal that it is a commercial and it should comply with the benefits of the first party. There were two major concerns: 1, to maximize the spread of the trailer and 2, to satisfy the first party. Therefore, we set this story of struggle youth on the basis of the heated topic at the moment "the second-generation rich". The trailer came out with over 200,000 clicks and over 5,000 reposts in Sina MircoBlog. It not only won the Best Screenplay Award in the first Cross-Strait Microfilm Festival but also was established as one of the official trailer by the Communist Youth League of Fujian.


I used Final Cut in picture editing and finished the rough cut version in 2 workdays. After the director perfected this version, I began sound editing. There was a unexpected interlude. I used some mockup music, from the ad of Nike and it remained as the director also approved it. Nevertheless, because of the budget and composing, we changed our music to midi, which could not meet the director's expectation. Revising many times, we had to reduce orchestration and write new melody, reworking in editing.

In the rough cut version, I reserved most of the sequence shoots but the director believed the jump out was the best way as the time and function of commercial were limited. I felt that it may break the tempo so I tried my best to remedy this (Actually it was my expectation), such as voice leading and employing sound effects to break music dialogues during mixing. It's a sound thing.


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