China Film Post Co. Trailer(2013)

This video was displayed as a business trailer of China Film Post Production Co. (CFP), with its footage made up of films CFP has produced from 2013 to 2014. In the previous years, I accomplished all the sound editing work. This time, conceiving many ideas, I decided to compete for the editing work.

Major editors happened to work in other groups when the work was distributed. A now-or-never chance it was, I submitted my edit works during my university and other business works to my supervisor in order to win this opportunity. Also, I wrote an editing proposal. Thank God for giving me such a golden opportunity. During the previous two years, CFP had done two trailers which on the whole, I think, lack uniqueness of business display. Mixing skills and flexible business practices fit with different types and costs are our company's biggest advantages. Based on it, I classified trailers as these themes: costume and history, war, science fiction, reality (action), horror, story and animation. Themes like costume and history, war and science fiction would make our superior producing and editing skills stand out. In addition, to fit with needs of various clients, I picked several relatively low-cost films, which can show our clients that even though we are limited by production cycle, assuring standard quality, we can search for and recreate interesting moments to add the film.
On editing, I used Final Cut and added after effects on logos of some titles. On choosing the edit points, I made them match with the change of music. In the slow-music section, I spliced scenes such as lifting, water falling and rapid explosion together. Comparatively, in the horrible section like Bunshinsaba, to emphasize the horrible atmosphere, I adopted jump cutting on some long-lens and added low-frequency kettledrum on these jump cutting points. Meanwhile, I avoided some hard edit points by ways of voice (dialogues) leading. What troubled me most was that the materials I got had been transformed, so I had to revised their reel number, which took me nearly one hour. With my teacher's suggestion on revision, after finalizing editing, I recovered all of the color modulation and voice layering 5.1 documents in order to be mixed.
In the beginning, I actually edited with AVID Media Comporser5 workstation in our company. However, since there were a lot of non-MXF materials (avid support only), it took me much time to transform them. Besides, there were large number of materials in high definition 422, but our server usually supports video demos with 36m, which means these materials need extra pre convert. As it was such time-consuming that I had to replace AVID MC with Final Cut that is more flexible. The process didn't go well much. Several scenes in the trailer were 23.97 frames per second and after the no render import, the edit points of these scenes deviated in export. Luckily, I found it in recovering sound materials and revised it in time.


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