Dad, Where Are We Going(2013)

Type: Documentary
Director: Teng huatao
The box office. 6 at 2013


Where are we going? Dad The Home Gleaners(2012)from the reality TV show "where Dad" player-wise dedicated film of the same name. The core or "task" of the film, groups of five star family will received the invitation to a mysterious, ultimate task to finish in the film. Film on January 31, 2014, (on) the cinemas in the country.

There are comprehensive upgrade filming, not including aerial devices, the use of the camera, could be the best use of camera project. Video production team of nearly 500 people, the late will be carefully selected from thousands of hours of material for the most moving pieces. And film to chime-long wild zoo in guangzhou all the 1 million square meters of space within the garden, sealing film in the middle will have over hundred, nearly 20000 animals appeared, the audience can see Angela holding a cute koala, morning have a giraffe house Windows, gorillas group were to pass five groups call get up every day, the elephant family task CARDS, babies to panda by nest, Angela and elephants dance and moving picture.

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